Our client company is currently seeking an Audio Engineer. The company is a leading provider of business telephone systems in the United States and related call processing software, voice processing software and call accounting software. The Audio Engineer will be a senior engineer who can drive audio quality improvements into our products and the ideal candidate would have a background in telephony systems, audio electronics, and voice/audio quality measurement techniques.

Candidate must demonstrate excellent verbal and written communication skills and be capable of working with various departments to drive improvements to our processes, create new internal standards, review designs for compliance, conduct training sessions, and other inter-departmental activities. This job is not a hardware development job, it is a multi-disciplined engineering assignment with a focus on audio quality for telephony systems.

This means hardware, software, documentation, testing, training, and other skills will be used to drive audio/voice quality improvements throughout our product lines. The candidate should be capable of setting up an audio test lab to validate conformance to standards and operate various test equipment to help junior engineers diagnose problems and recommend design changes to improve audio performance.

  • Design – assist HW and SW developers with anything that has to do with audio – such as reviewing designs, providing direction, reviewing standards, etc.
  • Sustaining – provide engineering support for all audio-related support issues
  • Standards – understands and polices all audio standards for our design team to ensure that our products conform to industry-standard audio standards
  • Testing – assisting both developers and product validation with selection of audio test equipment and helping develop test cases for validating audio

Audio includes:

  • Trunk interfaces (T1, analog, loop-start, etc.)
  • Stations (analog, digital, and IP)
  • VoIP standards and protocols
  • Acoustic
  • Speakerphones
  • Travels to acoustic testing labs to have our endpoints tested to ensure they conform to industry standards
  • Provides system engineering design on all audio to make sure that our individual pieces (HW, SW, trunks, and endpoints), when connected end-to-end, conform to audio standards
  • Runs training classes to teach other engineers about the basics of audio design
  • Able to describe and measure against all telecom audio impairments, such as frequency response, distortion, noise, echo, echo return loss, crosstalk, group delay, etc.


  • Familiar with and able to use audio test equipment such as SAGE, TIMS, T-Bird, etc.
  • Familiar with and understand hybrids (2/4 wire interfaces), echo, echo cancellers, and echo return loss
  • Current on all new audio standards as they relate to PBXs, carriers, VoIP, wireless, etc. BSEE is preferred, but BSCS is acceptable with sufficient background in telephony systems and voice/audio quality measurement.