Job Objective: Software development in the area of MPLS Protocols. Their responsibilities will include: writing system, functional and design software specification coding, unit testing and hw integration testing Developing Packet Switch Fabric Driver and Switch Fabric Redundancy Model

Job Requiremements:

  • Experience with C, C++, or other structured and general software and system development practices
  • Experience with VxWorks real-time operating system environments
  • Experience with carrier class software, Control Card Redundancy, APS, Line Card and Switch Fabric Redundancy
  • Experience with Ethernet Protocols (VPLS, Spanning Tress, Bridging)
  • Experience with MPLS, RSVP and OSP
  • Experience with PNNI Routing and Signalling
  • Experience WindRivers Tornado development environment
  • Good interpersonal skills and team oriented
  • Familiar with windows development environment

A BSCS or equivalent degree with 5+ years experience, a BSCS or equivalent degree with exposure to wide area networking systems